Billie Joe Armstrong


Billie Joe was born February 17th 1972 in Rodeo, CA. He has five brothers, David, Alan, Marci, Hollie and Anna. His father Andy was a truck driver and a drummer in a Jazz band in his free time. Unfotunatley he passed in September of 1982 due to esophagus cancer. His mother Ollie had to support all her kids working as a waitress at Rod’s Hickory Pit.

In that same year, Billie Joe met Mike at his school’s cafeteria, where they became friends almost instantly. They met up many days in the week to play in Billie’s garage. Billie’s first guitar was a little Red Hohner, but he was fascinated with his guitar teacher’s blue guitar, until one day his mother was able to gather two hundred dollar (hard money to come by at that time) and bought Billie the guitar, that we all know today as the famous Blue.

Billie met his wife Adrienne while touring in Minneapolis in 1990. It was love at first sight, but hard to maintain because of the distance, even with Billie insisting on going back there every tour. After some years, in 1994, Adrienne moved to California and they made their relationship official in a five minute ceremony on July 2nd, finding out a few days later that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

So at 24 years old, Billie became a dad for the first time and named his son Joseph Marciano Armstrong, born February 28th 1995. Their second son, Jakob Danger Armstrong, was born on September 2nd 1998.

Mike Dirnt (Michael Ryan Pritchard)


Mike was born May 4th 1972 in Berkley, Califórnia. His mom was a heroin addict, so as a baby he was put up for adoption and was adopted by an indian-american and her Caucasian husband. He has a sister called Molly. His adoptive parents got divorced when he was only seven years old.

After meeting Billie, Mike found refuge in music, he played air bass at school the whole day, and the sound he made got him the nickname Dirnt, that later on he adopted as his stage name, becoming Mike Dirnt.

At 15 years old he started renting a room in Billie’s house, and the band started to take a more serious route.

In 1996 Mike married his longtime girlfriend Anastacia and in April 1997 the couple’s first daughter was born, Estelle Desiree. They got divorced, and in 2004 Mike married Sarah, bu it was a brief marriage, because she would complain that he spent too much time in the studio recording American Idiot.

In March 2009, Mike married Brittney, the couple’s son, Brixton Michael, was born October 11th 2008, and their daughter Ryan Ruby Mae on November 29th 2010.

Tré Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III)


Tré was born December 9th 1972 in Willits, CA. He has German heritage and his father fought in the Vietnamese War, he and his two brothers lived in the Medocino mountains in California.

When John Kiffmeyer left Green Day, Tré was recruited and his father drove the famous bookmobile throughout the USA, taking Green Day on their Kerplunk tour.

Tré had his first daughter, Ramona, with longtime girlfriend Lisea Lyons in January of 1995. They got married in March of that same year, but got divorced some years later. In May of 2000, Tré married Claudia and became a dad for the second time, this time a boy he named Frankito. He and Claudia got divorced in 2003.

Since then he dated The Donnas’ drummer Donna C. and was Christin Aguilera’s date to the VMA’s. In March 2011 he announced his engagement to Dina, but they broke up in January 2012 and he is currently single.