Aug 2012 15

Exlclusive worldwide premiere of the Oh Love video!

Directed by Samuel Bayer, who has worked with the band on the videos for American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, Jesus of Suburbia, Wake Me Up When September End e on the Bullet in a Bible DVD.

Watch it and leave your opinion in the comments below:


  1. Victoria says:

    Considering Sam directed this video it is a massive let down. Billie, Mike and Tre looked great in this video and I was glad to see Jason but the girls.. what was the point of them? The fact that the songs about love and they through in these stripper looking chicks makes no sense. The songs awesome the video is just a massive let down.

    • Lindsay says:

      couldn’t agree more. 

      • Whatsername !!! says:

        I agree also.  The song is great, the band is great, but what the hell was that.  Seriously thinking about cancelling my itunes pre-order, if that is the version that is going to be free with Uno ………………………

  2. Dan says:

    the song is about sexual tension. that’s what i got from the interview, so that’s why there are strippers

    • Naomi says:

      We got that. They symbolize the tension and temptation, etc. But you know the bored looks they had on their faces most of the video? That’s what my face looked like less than half way into watching it. Bored. It got boring really fast. Considering the song is five minutes long, it would have been nice to see more than just half naked women lounging around while the band randomly decides to play. Heck, they could have had both those things in the video and then something else too. Something funny going on, like beer pong or the band getting silly or something.

    • kjhl says:

      Whores and strippers has nothing to do with love or even sexual tension for most people I would say.

  3. Taylor says:

    I really didn’t like the video too much which is a great disappointment considering I really like the song. I just was not expecting this kind of thing at all from Green Day, especially considering they’re all married. I found myself looking away for a majority of the video.

  4. Hayley says:

    I didn’t really enjoy it. Heck, I didn’t even like it 🙁 I expected the video to be more about a love story, not about a bunch of strippers. I mean, com’on guys, you’re married. What would your wives think? Would you really want your children to see this?

  5. Kly says:

    They Label it as Rated R so Expect what is not Expected ^_^
    Open your mind!  

  6. Iz says:

    Extremely disappointed, guys. This was garbage. No story line, just a bunch of clips of strippers messing around looking in the camera and playing with the boys. Wow. I mean I still love you guys but this is the first time I am legit disappointed with this. It’s really shallow. 

  7. Cynthia says:

    I overall liked the video… but……um.. y’know, this doesnt suprise me, You honestly never know what the band is gonna do. Greenday has alwaus been unpredicable.. But thats why we love their music so much. 🙂 Right??

  8. Naomi says:

    This video has got to be one of the worst Green Day music videos in existence. When I heard that Sam Bayer was working with the band again on the videos, my heart lifted and I got really damn excited. I mean, this is a man who directed the videos for American Idiot, BOBD, Holiday, JOS, Wake Me Up, etc. All of those music videos were fucking good. Had depth to them, creativity, rawness, energy, and were done artistically. And then there’s THIS video, which gets boring after the first minute or so. I mean, I get that the bored as fuck looking, and pretty much naked, women lounging around were supposed to symbolize temptation. But it got boring really fucking fast. Considering the song is five minutes long, I expected at least some sort of storyline to it. I mean, hearing the song, you picture a story to it. They could have gone many different routes with this one, but they just decided to have practically naked girls take up the entire video. The only good parts were the scenes where the members of the band are performing. Heck, the way they did the dancing half naked women in Holiday was MUCH better than this. At least that was done comically. They had too much makeup on, matching outfits like Green Day backup dancers, and looked bored as fuck in a hilarious way. That seemed like they were poking fun at all of the other artists that have half naked women dance in videos. But now they’ve just joined them…I have to say that I’m really disappointed. I really hope that the video for “Kill the DJ”, and every other single that they decide to release, is MUCH better than this. I actually really love that song…

    • Laura says:

      I really couldn’t agree more. I LOVE green day, but this… I didn’t get the point of all those naked women, they can do better to make a great music video

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is just disgusting. To see my favorite band doing something like this after all the respect I have had for them over the years, really breaks my heart. They are all married, and this is just sleazy and gross. I still love them and their music, but this is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth for a very long time.

  10. Rusty J. says:

    Fuck off haters! 
    Its Green Day! 
    They’re all about taking risks.
    I think they nailed it.
    And Billie said, The album’s about sex.
    So there’s no harm in putting some strippers. 

    They Still fucking RULE.

    • Aleks says:

      I couldn’t agree more, I don’t think that many fans are thinking over Uno!’s subject, as you said its about sex, so i agree with you, but i love the video, the song and the band and everything about Green Day, they do what they want and not as YOU others want.

  11. Rustaay. says:

    Fuck off haters! 
    Its Green Day! 
    They’re all about taking risks.
    I think they nailed it.
    And Billie said, The album’s about sex.
    So there’s no harm in putting some strippers. 
    They Still fucking RULE.

    • Lily Fox says:

      Yes, Rustaaay, we get it.  We’re all haters.  However, as someone who’s actually *loved* Green Day for the last 12 years, I can still say this video sucks.  Unimaginative, boring, completely unrelated to the song.  One of the exciting things about Green Day is that they do take risks, but this isn’t a risk, it’s a very trite tits-and-ass show.  It’s not disgusting, just very, very disappointing.  Have they really come down to needing nipples and crotch shots to sell their songs?  A very sad day for Green Day.

      • Rustaay says:

        Well, i cannot really change your view about the video. so I’m not even gonna try. I ‘love’ Green Day as much as you do, but I’d like to clarify. 
        They don’t need boobs to sell their songs. Their songs are listened worldwide. People are saying, “Oh Billie says that he’s happily married and stuff, but that’s just a pile of bullshit”
        Well, to those people who think that way, Billie has been popular since like the last 20 years. If he wouldn’t have wanted a family, he could have had a ball and could have slept around, but he didn’t. So STFU  there. 
        And what I feel after watching the video, yes it a not a type of video which you can watch with your girlfriend, but yes, it is something different, 
        Which I liked.
        And Lily, you say its “unrelated”
        Well, if you really see, there’s an expression of tension, or stress on Billie’s face, as he told that the song’s about sexual tension. 
        So there you go.
        And y’know? Its just the difference in our views, though I respect your views as well. 

        🙂 Peace.  

  12. Rustaay says:

    Fuck off haters! Its Green Day! They’re all about taking risks.I think they nailed it.And Billie said, The album’s about sex.So there’s no harm in putting some strippers. They Still fucking RULE.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Never thought I’d see Green Day do a video like this. 🙁

  14. PunkPried says:

    My girlfriend makes me the same thing Billie have on his back pocket…
    I don’t thing this video can be called “disgusting”… They just do something different… It is disgusting to be different ? Ok so we are all disgusting ! Cool story bro !
    No, seriously, you are disappointed ’cause you can see boobs in the video ? Ok so you can close YouPorn now U_u’.
    Woman are the most wonderful thing on earth so what’s the problem ?
    Oh and… By the way… Green Day is not you, Green Day is Green Day… They make what they want in their songs, in their videos… So if you won’t see it anymore, you can just listen the songs…
    I can’t say I’m the biggest fan o Green Day, but this band is my passion, and that’s true, they never make a video like this, but “ya’ know” we can see a naked woman in Jesus of Suburbia… It doesn’t matter cause we don’t see her boobs ? Dude we can see the boobs of Lou Taylor Pucci ! 
    If you won’t see videos like that, like I say, stop YouPorn…
    Or maybe you’re jealouse ’cause you can’t do the same thing ?
    This is just a French point of view.

    Now, for Green Day:
    That’s true, you make something different here, but you still fucking gods you was ! Someone says “I hate the new Green Day, I prefer the old Green Day”… When I saw it I think they are talking about a movie or a video game… But yes you make something different, your new albums are not like the elder but I don’t think we can say it’s a new Green Day ! Nobody left the band, nobody come in the band… You are Green Day. You are my passion and you’ll be it for ever. Don’t take the bads comments, or just to laugh, but please keep in mind, you can be proud of your work, like us, fans who think like me, are proud of you.
    “All my love”

  15. Sylend says:

    Oh.. thats so disgusting.. i can see a nipple.. iam fromt he US.. that is so inappropriate.
    Would have been better if they would shoot with guns and kill some people.. would be rated PG or something. Why? Because thats the US!
    Show a nipple: thats f*cking disgusting
    Show a dead boby… thats just fine…

  16. Gloria says:

    Maybe they are trying to create ‘contraversy’, it’s not the first time, but was this really the way to go.  I love them and the song, but wouldn’t want to watch that video…., and they will be alienating future ‘new generation’ fans also, which is a shame.

  17. Dude says:

    I a sick to death of naked women in music videos. Its not original anymore. And this will probably be the only time I will watch this video. I taught Green Day would have some respect. For fuck sake their married with Kids. They could have made a video a millions times better. But then again UNO is about sex so……
    I hope Kill The DJ will be better.

  18. CJ says:


    • Gloria says:

      Even if Green Day were walking about dressed in the same way, I would still say the same.  Even if that is the thinking behind the song, the video does not have to portray it literally.  Wake me up when September Ends had a war theme, and we all know that was not what the song was about.

  19. CJ says:


    • EllieB says:

       Girls.  Hmmm.  And boys love it?  How about the men and women?  Would love sexy video with meaning, but same old excess made-up models, all women.  Maybe a few naked guys would help?  Nawww, it would still be a boring, non-creative video.  Too bad, cuz I really was  used to the creative ones they did so well.  I can go to a porn site if I want boring, lol!

  20. DevilSaint says:

    I don’t find it disgusting nor borring. I think it’s very typical ‘rock ‘n roll’ scence, and I think it’s quite bold and awesome. There you have it..

  21. Matt says:

    I love how 99% of the comments bashing the video are from women. Fuck off! I though it was bad ass. As everyone else stated, Billie told us this album is about sex. Just look at the song titles and the lyrics that have been released! If Green Day wants to make a video themselves jammin with a bunch of strippers around watching them, they’re gonna do it and it’s gonna be fucking awesome. End of story.

  22. boom says:

    fuck all you guys honestly, the video is cool. whats wrong with the strippers? they’re just trying to start something that none of the other bands have anymore -to be aggressive ♥

  23. Albert Na says:

    AWESONE, Green Day!!

  24. someone says:

    PEOPLE!!!!!! Billie masurbates in front of thousands of people at concerts….. so I don’t see what’s so wrong about this video. They can do what they want. Obvisously their wives would know about this. IT IS JUST A VIDEO, WHO CARES!!!!!!!

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